These are past updates that we had listed on the website.  We moved them here to take up less space on the home page.  If anyone has any suggestions for the website, just email lora AT dutchcornerpa DOT com.  (Using the appropriate symbols and no spaces...it's listed this way so spammers don't pick it up and start emailing us more than they already do!)


4/7/2013: Our Dutch Corner Schools book is available for purchase! Please let us know if you'd like a copy. There are more pictures in it than we have on our Schools page, as well as more information on them.

7/10/2012: We received several photographs and some old documents from the family of Elmer and Irma (Harbaugh) Claycomb. We have decided to start a "Do you know who I am" area of the website to hopefully help identify some of the unknown photographs. If you have some photographs of people from Dutch Corner or who are related to people who lived in Dutch Corner and would like us to put them on our website, just email them to us at the address above.

4/14/2012: Messiah's cemetery listing has been updated and Helsel Cemetery has been added. Also, a few older pictures of Messiah were added, including one from the interior of the old frame church in 1899 and one from the outside in 1900.

1/2/2012: The School's page has been updated with additional pictures.

11/14/2011: The Peter Smith Cemetery has been added to the Cemetery list. We will be updating a few other things this week (hopefully), including this page.

7/5/2011: More photos of Messiah Lutheran Church tombstones have been added.

6/2/2011: The family of Wallace Croyle, who wrote the book My Search for the Truth about the Thomas Croyle family, has kindly provided us some pictures of the stepping stone that they have from the Thomas Croyle homeplace. Thanks Debbie and Lois! Click on this link to go directly to the Thomas Croyle page: Thomas Croyle page.

5/7/2011: Thomas Croyle page was updated to enter a link to a page with some pictures on it from the old Croyle homestead in Dutch Corner. Also, previously, there were photographs donated by Niels Witkamp of two old documents about Messiah Church. One is of a 1819 list of people who donated money, and the other is of a 1828 list of people who (most likely) assisted with the church and cemetery. Niels very kindly also gave us a transcription of what the pages said, and even translated the 1828 one from German for us. Thanks, Niels!!

4/3/2011: Pleasant Hill Cemetery tombstone listing is now up on the website.

2/9/2011: The newest version of the Land Warrant map is up. There was also an upgrade for the billboard, so if there are any problems with it, please contact us at the above email. Also, the Dibert family page was updated.

10/28/2010: The Land Warrant map and the names associated with it have been updated.

9/25/2010: We've updated our Cemetery page to include the Barley Cemetery and the Walter Cemetery (the Walter Cemetery has not been cleaned up). We've also uploaded some pictures of the Imler Cemetery, which was cleaned up in September of 2010.

8/14/2010: On the Warrant Map page, there is now a link to a new map, which overlays the Warrant Map over a topographic map of the area.

7/21/2010: We've uploaded a map from Bill Bowser that is a layout of the Land Warrants for Dutch Corner. Thanks, Bill!!

7/21/2010: Two more cemeteries have been cleaned up....John S. Imler cemetery and Barley Cemetery (which is not listed on our main Cemetery page). We'll be posting "before" and "after" pictures soon!

6/6/1010: Updated to add cemetery pictures of Hilltop Cemetery. Also, posted pictures of cleaned up Albright Cemetery on the Albright Cemetery page. Thanks to everyone who helped!!

5/29/2010: Members of the DCHG as well as some extra helpers have cleaned up and reset some tombstones at the Albright Cemetery. Pictures of the cleaned up cemetery, as well as a list of everyone that helped will be coming soon! Also, some tombstones located at Messiah Lutheran Church have been uploaded! We still have quite a few to go, but at least it's a start!

5/15/2010: We now have a message board! Check it out the DCHG Billboard!

5/10/2010: Finished uploading and indexing all of the photos of the tombstones from St. James Church (aka Yellow Brick Church). Also, uploaded Frank's proposed Old Ways Museum Prospectus.

4/14/2010: Just uploaded some old School pictures. We're hoping to get more information on when the schools were opened, closed, etc.

4/11/2010: Uploaded a small history of St. Paul's Church....still need to go out there and get a picture of the church and photograph the cemetery stones.

4/6/2010: We've been trying to put on as much information as possible. Currently, we are uploading photographs of the tombstones in the St James Church Cemetery. Hopefully, we'll be out taking even MORE cemetery pictures, now that the weather is finally getting warmer!

4/3/2010: We helped to cleanup the Dibert Cemetery on Press Road. See our before and after pictures here!