Old Dibert Road Cemetery (Also Called Croyle Cemetery and Clyde Dibert Farm Cemetery)

This cemetery was unfortunately destroyed when a new road was put in place.  We are still researching to see exactly when this road was created.  However, supposedly, those in charge believed that it was "only Indians" that were buried there.  While digging there, they supposedly found several human bones, which they sadly discarded by throwing them over the embankment.  It is unknown exactly how many people were buried here, but there were some Native Americans interred here, along with several other families.

Old Dibert Rd Cemetery

This sign, erected by Ed Smith, whose wife is a Dibert descendant, shows some of the families who are to be buried here:

George CroyleGeorge Croyle 1743 - 1829, Revolutionary War Veteran

This stone was found on the property in 2009 and erected by Ed Smith:

MH 32 A 24 D 1810